25 ways to make time for fitness

25 Ways to make time to workout!

Too busy to work out? Doubtful. The truth: Finding moments to move is entirely within your grasp.

The most common excuse for not exercising is “not enough time”. But busy as we may be, we find time for television, social networking or household tasks, because there simply aren’t the same psychological barriers in play. Fitness industry icon Richard Simmons says:

“Most people are in denial about their health. We all have reasons for not exercising, but it all comes down to time management and fear. Fear you’ll get hurt. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure.”

But what will happen if we don’t exercise? How will a sedentary lifestyle be affecting you next year? In five or 10 years?

Check out this fabulous list from Experience Life of 25 clever ways to find time to workout, from delegating and taking dates to fun active events, to being an ‘active watcher’ who works out while watching TV. There are sure to be a few you can employ in your daily life, and add to your repertoire of smart time management tools!

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