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4 Ways to squeeze in a workout!

“Lack of time is the most common excuse women give for skipping exercise. Between family and work, carpool and dishes, time can feel like the ultimate limited resource.”

How true is that! Daily life is so packed and it’s far too easy to fritter away the small amount of time you do have spare, without prioritising your own wellbeing – and fitness!

This article in Women’s Health lists for strategies for smart time management techniques that will help YOU get more time to work out! They suggest that we:

  • Do a time inventory so we can find an quantify our down-time. A poll by Harris Interactive in the US found that people had twice as much downtime as they thought!
  • ¬†Settle for imperfect! Sometimes the housework just has to come second. Or hubby can do it when he has a moment. Or the kids can be roped in… Or it can just wait. That dust isn’t going anywhere!
  • Quit multi-tasking. It really isn’t time effective.
  • Grab those pockets of time where you can. Five minutes walk is better than none!

Read the full article here.

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