Soul Sessions Workplace Wellness Programmes

Enrich Coaching founder, Michelle Sullivan, and yoga expert Heidi Horne collaborate to bring Soul Sessions to workplaces in Sydney and across Australia. Michelle and Heidi bring the benefits of Yoga and Health Coaching to your workplace.

Boost your workplace wellness by supporting and educating your people on how to:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Have clearer perception
  • Improve decision making skills
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence
  • Feel a heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing
  • Improve postural alignment

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, absenteeism in the Australian Workplace has risen by 7% since 2010 and on average employees take almost 10 sick days every year. 39% of businesses say absences related to stress, anxiety or depression increased in the past year.  To combat this trend directly, 21% of businesses have increased their annual spending on health and wellness initiatives to help support their employees.

The general wellbeing of your workplace team naturally defines and structures your ability to operate effectively as a company and a business.

What does the Soul Sessions workplace wellness programme cover?

Stress reduction

By manipulating our nervous system through yoga and making the right nutritional choices for you and your lifestyle. There is less tension in the physical body, improved mental alertness and a better memory. This in turn creates more productive and energetic employees.

Improvement of productivity

By coaching and teaching staff how to maintain a calm and relaxed state we support your people to naturally and instinctively function better.

Help in relating to others

Whether it with a customer or a co-worker; with the right mindfulness, we can help in teaching how to make wise choices around their intentions and communications with others, building a sense of workplace community.

Health Coaching

Working with a health coach can help your staff find a healthy work-life balance. The challenges of long hours and shift work can be a huge concern and impact negatively on productiveness and overall wellbeing. With good, mindful, nutrition, intentions and incorporating yoga into your life you will influence your organs and body systems.  Your teams will sleep better, think better and function better

Branding and establishing you as an employer of choice

Providing Health Coaching and Yoga to your employees is a positive tool in terms of staff recruitment, staff engagement and retention.

You don’t need to be a large company to offer a corporate health program you just need to have the vision to support and educate your staff to lead the healthiest life that they want to lead.

Michelle and Heidi believe health and wellness should be easy!

We will share our experience, knowledge and training with your staff to ensure that they have the tools to lead a healthier, happy and balanced life.

Coming from a background in hospitality, customer service and sales we understand the demands of shift work, the mental and physical requirements of the role and juggle family and social commitments as well. This has enabled us to design and target a program for the workplace –” this is not a one size fits all approach”

For a complimentary discussion please contact Michelle on 0429 545 816 or email

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