Online health coaching with IIN certified Health Coach Michelle Sullivan

Online health coaching is a brilliant way to get the support and tools you need to create the life you want, wherever you are! Working with clients across Australia, Health Coach Michelle Sullivan is based in Sydney.

Health Coaching empowers you to successfully achieve a healthier life and better fitness for better long term health and wellness. Michelle’s health coaching services are based on the principles of the 5 Primary Foods. If we ensure that our core needs are being met, we can begin enriching our lives and reaching new goals! Michelle works with health coaching clients via online coaching to provide regular support, strategies, encouragement and tools.

Why is online health coaching so popular?

Online health coaching is ideal for the busy lifestyles we lead today. Even if you are in Sydney you may choose to work with Michelle online rather than spending time driving across the city! Make a refreshing drink, relax, and do your health coaching session in the comfort of your own home.

As an online health coaching client, Michelle will provide you with tools and worksheets. She will make contact weekly via phone or email to ensure that you have all the information and insight you require. Go out and create the life you want!

Discover what you can achieve with an online health coach

A Health Coach can help you strengthen all aspects of your life, from fitness and nutrition, to career and relationship goals. What do you want to change about the way you live? In your first session Michelle will work with you to identify realistic and attainable goalposts. She will partner with you to identify the first tactics to get you on your path to success.

Get started with a free online health coaching session

Find out more about Health Coach Michelle Sullivan and her health coaching philosophy and methods, or get started with a complimentary online health coaching session now!

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