Weight loss to create a stronger, healthier body

Throughout our lifetime our body will vary in weight, fitness, energy levels and shape. With Enrich Coaching you can decide what goals you want to work on, from increased fitness to better energy levels or weight loss. Michelle will work with you to provide simple, effective tools to help you achieve a healthy, resilient body.

You know when you read articles by people about their journey to lose weight and be the body that they aspire too, they say they have tried everything?

Well, I have tried everything – really everything – to attain the body of my dreams!  I have looked for quick fixes, tried expensive weight loss programs, supplements, fasting (that was a disaster, I was a hangry woman!), thermogenic’s to heat you up from the inside to burn fat – seriously! High protein, low carb, keto, paleo, high fat low carb and even a soup diet (good god I wanted something to chew!) the list can go on and on!

Oh, I also tracked everything I ate and drank for two years – you can imagine how much fun I was to go out with! Yes, that was me and yes, I got results but I couldn’t sustain them – keto was great but I didn’t want to go through life without a potato or banana!

I wanted this body so much, I declined invitations from friends because I could not get a meal that suited my plan or I didn’t want to be that person at the table who was fussy!

This was no way to live – it wasn’t fair on me or my family. I was not happy.

All this jumping in ad out of ‘diets’ started my journey to find out the best way to eat for me that enabled me to eat with my family, to go out and relax all the while listening intuitively to my body and what it wants and needs.

It has been a long and winding road and I am still learning new things about me all the time! But, that is half the fun – realising that I can go out and have a great night or weekend and I can get straight back into the healthy lifestyle!

When we work together we will get to your ideal weight on a path that you can maintain and understand, you will:

  • Learn about intuitive eating
  • Understand how to listen to your body
  • Learn about “crowding out”
  • Embark on the 12 step plan
  • Have a lifestyle and body that is exclusive to you and your needs
  • Have a pantry makeover and a supermarket tour to teach and educate you
  • Be guided on Nutritional Supplements to ensure your body is working to the best of its ability.

To get started with tools and strategies to support a healthy, fit body that you will love to live in, get in touch now!


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