Create the life you want with Health Coaching

Michelle Sullivan’s health coaching strategy is based on support, encouragement and giving you the tools to change your lifestyle, and reach the goals you set for yourself. With a passion for supporting success, Michelle combines encouraging health coaching with proven techniques, with a ‘no judgement’ attitude. She is passionate about helping you enjoy better long term health, time with the people you love, joy and adventure.  Michelle says “After overcoming years of yo-yo dieting, struggling with self-confidence and trying to please everyone around me I have turned that around – so I can help and support you. Let me teach you how to eat well for you, how to embark on a sustainable exercise regime and create a lifestyle that gives you time to enjoy the people you love.” You can experience health coaching with a complimentary consultation. Why wait?

Rebalance your life program

Every person deserves to live the healthiest, happiest life that suits them.  This program will be specifically designed for you, with your specific health goals in mind, to help you feel more energised, inspired and more active. Michelle will personally create a program for you, designed to ensure that you have better sleep, more energy, feel more confident and understand stress and how to work with it.

By the end of the 6 session you will have the tools and knowledge that will empower you to continue with your new found healthy lifestyle. By working together, Michelle will identify and overcome the barriers that create resistance. This is for you if you are looking for:

  • Increased energy & Better sleep
  • Control of your cravings & Help overcoming the triggers that lead you to overeat
  • Ways to reduce inflammation in your body
  • A sustainable exercise regime that fits your lifestyle
  • Information, recipes and variety in your meal plans.

The Rebalance Your Life Program includes

  • 6 x 45 minute personalised one on one sessions with Michelle – in person or on Skype
  • A Health History review
  • A 5 Day Rebalance Plan with support and nutritional supplementationWeekly support via email
  • Recipes, meal preparation ideas, introduction to new foods & nutritional supplement recommendations

The Rebalance your life program investment

Value $740 but if paid in full upfront – AUD$690

Or choose 3 x monthly instalments (Month 1 – $300, Month 2 – $210, Month 3 – $210) and pay a total of AUD$720


Express Personal Health Coaching Sessions

1.5 hours – AUD$200

What we cover in an express health coaching session:

  • Health History
  • Goals that you personally set
  • Make a plan that includes monthly and weekly goals
  • Your questions, concerns and ideas.


If you have questions please contact Michelle, or you are very welcome to book a complimentary personal or online health coaching session now.



No one diet or lifestyle is right for everyone. The world of nutrition has become incredibly complex! How can scientists unanimously agree on the speed of light; yet one expert can prove that dairy is a necessary component of a healthy diet, while another expert proves dairy is detrimental to health?

Nutrition all comes down to understanding what is right for you and your body. What nourishes feeds and heals your primary foods?



Bodies were designed to move, they thrive on activity and exercise and the body with quickly degenerate without it – inactivity research suggests that sitting is actually lethal.

The challenge for all of us is to find types of exercise that you enjoy and that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle without fitness being a burden. Bio-diversity is also applied to exercise – not all exercise is suitable for all bodies.

Healthy bodies

Weight loss

Throughout our lifetime we have many different demands on our time and our bodies, and for most people there are stages in our lives where prioritising our physical wellbeing and health is fairly low down our lists. It is essential to cultivate and nurture habits that are healthy, and support your body in the way it needs. If you are ready to do more for your self and take care of your metabolism, your weight, and your physical self, let’s talk.

Energy levels


In today’s life the majority of us spend 8 – 10 hours a day at work, five days a week. Alongside the daily chores that need to be done, this leaves very little time for us to relax and spend time with those that we love. It can also wear us down and leave us feeling drained and exhausted. Maintaining healthy energy levels is a complex science – Michelle would love to work with you to help you create a nourishing lifestyle.

Curious? Book a complimentary personal or online health coaching session now.


Michelle Sullivan’s health coaching philosophy

Bio-Individuality & The 5 Primary Foods in Health Coaching

Michelle Sullivan is a certified IIN Health Coach and Institute for Integrative Nutrition® Ambassador based in Sydney. She studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where bio-diversity is paramount in the teachings and beliefs. Bio-individuality promotes and recognises us as individuals, with the mantra ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’. Michelle does not promote one set formula for healthy eating, exercising or fitness.

Nutrition as a source of energy is secondary to the Primary Foods or the ‘non-food’ sources that nourish us. The Primary Foods are what fuel our body, mind and soul. During our childhood we lived on Primary Foods, like lovers thrive on the peace and blissfulness they experience during the beginning of a relationship, and entrepreneurs get fire in their bellies from their work and the birth of new ideas. To have this passion, excitement and be in touch with the rapture of daily life can feed us more completely than any food.

During the health coaching program Michelle will work with you to reach your goals. Book a complimentary personal or online health coaching session now.

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